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Nordfab Duct Work

All of our ducting is Nordfab Quick-Fit, making installation quick, easy, and high quality! Nordfabs Quick Fit system lets all pieces and parts snap together with an easy to install clamp, no welding required! Our installation crew will install your ducting for you, getting the job done quick!

Blast Gate NFMES

Bleed In Valve

Ducting Clamp Hanger

Ducting 16ga Elbow

Gripple Duct Hanger

HJ Duct Pipe Hanger

Inline Spark Trap

Jet Cap

O Ring For Adjustable Nipple

Oil Mist Recycler

QF Blast Gate NFES Auto

QF Branch

QF Double Branch

QF Duct Pipe

QF Elbow Tubed

QF Elbow

QF In Cut

QF Manual Diverter Valve

QF Reducer

QF Adjustable Nipple

QF Machine Adapter Expanded

QF Machine Adapter

QF Manual Blast Gate

Quick Fit Nipple Assembly

Quick Fit Clamp

SD Automatic Blast Gate

SD Diverter Valve

Static Dissipative Hose

Angle Flange Adapter

Angle Flange

Auto Diverter Valve

Ball Joint

Barrel Hood

Bell Mouth Hood

Butterfly Valve

Canopy Hood

Duct Pipe Hanger

Elbow Tubed Long Radius

End Cap With Birdscreen

End Cap

Flanged Elbow

Floor Sweep

Hose Bridge Clamp

Hose Adapter

Hose Clear

Inline Back Blast Damper

No Loss Stackhead

Radial Arm Saw Hood

Rigid Flex Steel Hose

Roof Flashing

Roof Skirt

Router Hood With Magnet

Router Hood

Rubber Hose


Sliding Access Panel

Square To Round Transition

Strut Hanger

Suction Hood

Suction Nozzle Assembly

T Branch

Tap In

Ultra Flex Steel Hose

Vibration Isolator

Viewing Spool

Wall Flashing

QF Y Branch

Flange Gasket

Flanged Pipe

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